A reminder from Usain Bolt that he is really, really, really fast

Olympic Champion Usain Bolt set a world-record in the 150-meters Sunday  running it in a blistering 14.35 seconds on a temporary surface set up in Manchester’s city center. Right away, you’ll notice that the other schlubs running with him are no match for the Jamaican lightening bolt.

The Sports Scientists offers a bit of background on Bolt’s performance, which seems even more impressive with a little context.

Despite cool temperatures, and a reported lack of fitness thanks to a few minor injuries sustained in a car-crash about a month ago, Bolt’s first big showing on the world stage in 2009 lived up to the hype (Bolt’s love of speed extends beyond the track, apparently. The Jamaican taxi drivers are reported to have a nickname for him – “lead-foot”).

The 150m dissected – splits and projections

Bolt’s running is anything but lead-footed. He ran the first 100m in 9.90 seconds, which is an extra-ordinary time and a sign of things to come. But even more amazing, the final 100m (from 50m to the finish line) were clocked in an astonishing 8.72 seconds! That is being reported, though it’s so fast I’m almost skeptical.

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