Aston Martin Rapide


The first official image for the new Aston Martin Rapide has hit. Never has a four dour sports car looked so sexy.  If James Bond had a family this is what he’d drive.  Just wish the front grill wasn’t so straight.  Seems it could use a littler tapering.

From the Auto Blog:

One of the most obvious competitors to the Rapide is the new Porsche Panamera, and while the two cars share much in concept, they have diverged greatly in styling. Porsche went for function over form, ensuring that adult-sized rear passengers can fit comfortably and see out of the car. The sweeping greenhouse of the Aston looks like it might leave a tighter, more claustrophobic rear compartment. Also, Porsche calls the Panamera a gran turismo while Aston calls the Rapide a four-door sports car, an appellation far more fitting here than on a Nissan Maxima.

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