Eric Idle talks about his new show, says Monty Python is still the best

2NTMdates1“All right. Let me say simply that if you are going to roll around in pig s— in drag on top of the Yorkshire moors, or gallop around Scotland on imaginary horses in soggy woolen armour, or intend to be crucified for three days in Tunisia, then these are the finest bunch of chaps you could ever wish to roll, ride or be crucified with.

“The irrepressible Palin, the ebullient Jones, the mercurial Gilliam, the aloof Cleese, the implacable Doctor Chapman puffing placidly on his pipe: this was a gang to be in all right. And it was a gang, not just a Gang Show, and when we were in angry mood storming around Television Centre looking for a confrontation with management, fully grown BBC executives would hide.”

Not The Messiah, (He’s a Very Naughty Boy) opens at the Royal Albert Hall on October 23 and features the full cast of Monty Python.  Idle also has some other great tidbits about his days with Monty Python (during their prime, so to speak).

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