Exorcist figurine

This Regan MacNeil figurine is pretty spot on and fairly affordable for this type of thing — collectible action figures generally retail for much more than the $36 and change that this one is being sold for.  It will be availble in June with pre-orders are already being taken at EntertainmentEarth


But the movie is one of the freakiest things going even though it came out 30+ years ago.  And with her spinning head and sound effects, the toy is pretty freaky, also.  What would you do with this if you bought it? 

Put in your bedroom?  I don’t think so.  Living room?  Who would want to come visit you?  Kitchen, den, garage? 

Don’t get me wrong, if I were a collector I would snatch this up and put it behind glass in my home office or something, but I still get a strange Indian and the Cupboard vibe that this could come to life and masturbate my ear to death with a cross.  [via Waylou]

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