Felicia Day helps Jimmy Fallon get down with World of Warcraft

I’ve largely held off from writing about Jimmy Fallon and his new online episodes leading to his late night talk show, mostly because I’ve never particularly found him to be that funny.  Which is different than thinking he could make a decent late night talkshow host.  In that case I think he has the requisite charm to succeed (in a manner of degrees, let’s be honest he’ll never be Conan, but he could be a pinch better than say Leno and certainly better than Carson Daly) on some level.

Anyone, on this recent clip, actress Felicia Day, whom you’ll remember from season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or more recently in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and even more recently in The Guild (a huge Dungeons and Dragons player btw) stops by to show Jimmy how to set up a World of Warcraft profile.  Is it me or does that fact that she’s into online gaming make her more dorky (dorky = cool)?

I can handle Jimmy Fallon in short bursts of five minutes, but anything over that and I’m out.

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