Forest Hills Garden: A Century-Old Planned Community

Forest Hills Garden, a planned community in Queens, N.Y., lost favor in America as the ideal suburban community to Levittown.  That much is evident driving through any American suburb, with its big box stories and unnessary driving distances. 


But it’s worth looking back at the 142-acre Forest Hills Garden, 100-years-old in 2009, a prototype of the British Garden movement, as inspiration in designing “walkable, transit-oriented” communities that are architecturally diverse and integrate a variety of housing structures and business zones in a single planned space.   In my mind, any development should be a mix of high-end and affordable residencies inter-mingled. 

The current suburban model has to be rethought for sustaining American life and the Forest Hills Garden model is but one possibility. 

Check out more photos of Forest Hills Garden on its Flikr set.

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