Frozen Fog


Sometimes it doesn’t rain or snow overnight, but the ground is covered by a film of ice, worse than black ice.  It’s impossible not to slip while walking. 

You think, why the hell is there ice everywhere, there was no precipitation.  Turns out it’s frozen fog.  Yes, it’s not some sci fi thing, it’s an actually meteorological phenomenon. 

“When the humidity approaches 100% and the temperature and conditions are just right, the sky begins to snow without the presence of clouds. It always catches me by surprise because I just don’t expect snow when there isn’t a cloud in the sky! It’s a pain for astronomy, but it is every bit as
beautiful as the northern lights,” writes astronomer Mike Simonsen

“Frozen fog doesn’t fall really, it just appears and then gently settles on
things. You can literally watch it form before your eyes. Like magic, it
just comes out of nowhere. It has a very sticky nature, so it tends to stick
to everything it touches; trees, bushes, houses, hats, gloves…” 

It’s one of the unusual things I’ve come to love about Oregon.

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