Golden Gate Bridge suicides

The documentary The Bridge is a hallucinatory affair, tracing the lives of people who’ve jumped from the bridge over the course of a year.  It’s like watching a nightmare unfold over and over again, but in a poetic, often-times beautiful way.


Strange Maps has uncovered this image from the SFGate that shows the number of suicides that have taken place on the Golden Gate Bridge based on the location of the jumper.  Something I didn’t know until seeing this infographic, is that The Golden Gate Bridge is divided up into 128 poles with even-numbered poles on the West side of bridge and odd-numbered poles on the East side.

Looks as if pole number 69 is the most popular as it is the highest point of the bridge.  It’s sad to think that every black dot on this graphic represents a story of a person that reached a point in their lives where the thought of dying was better than living.  [via]

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