Heads in a freezer

If you go to Google and image search for 241543903 (or follow the link and come back please since I just did the work for you) you’ll find an inordinate amount of photos with people sticking their head in a freezer.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, in an abstract or practical way, but it’s humorous nonetheless to see thousands of people with their head stuck in a freezer.

As David Horovitz explains: “Take a photograph of your head inside a freezer.  Upload the photo to the internet (like Flikr).  Tag the file with: 241543903.  The idea is that if you search for this cryptic tag, all the photos of heads in freezers will appear.  I just did one.”

Why is it that I feel compelled to do this just to see my head in a freezer on the internet?

[via Waxy]

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