Intergalactic Kung Fu Zombies

Holy fucking shit my head just exploded.  Got nine minutes? Squeeze this in between doing real work because you absolutely need to watch the shit out of this.  This is everything I would want out of a cartoon as a kid and nothing more.  Seriously, how was this not a cartoon from the 80’s? Regardless, I’m just happy this exists now.

From the official summary:

It is the 23rd Century…

Earth has long since been abandoned after the inevitable zombie apocalypse, and is now not much more than a backwater post apocalyptic wasteland. However, Dead Earth is still inhabited by the unfortunate masses of peoples trying to survive after the wealthy and powerful were evacuated during the Zombie Uprising. Day by day, they attempt to make a normal life amidst the crumbled remains of what were once great cities and nations – whilst fighting off the thriving undead that roam it’s surface.

Humanity has spread across the stars, and the cross cultural frontiers & explorations have begun anew, as more and more interstellar civilizations are encountered. History does indeed have a way of repeating itself, does it not? Because of this, the Interstellar Embassy was created. It’s existence enables a more or less amenable co-existence between the various races and species – keeping enough order to discourage an eruption into complete chaos and war.

Enter the Intergalactic Kung Fu Zombies.

They have no memory of who they once were in their mortal lives.
They are not like other zombies, such as those from Dead Earth.

They awoke aboard their BattleCruiser – the Coffin – 1, with but a brief greeting by the G.H.O.S.T – a mysterious Artificial Intelligence whose only purpose seems to be the vigilance of the cosmos, though it’s location is completely unknown. It keeps their old identities a secret, and they are not even sure if the digital persona even really knows what their days amongst the living entailed. Regardless of the situation, the G.H.O.S.T. always pays them handsomely for their efforts, which enables them to upkeep the Coffin-1 BattleCruiser and expand their arsenal. A question remains however, since their zombification is likely sourced by the same mutagen or virus that spawned the Zombie Uprising back on Dead Earth long ago…


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