James K. Polk dollar coin

I got some change back from the store a few days ago and didn’t realize immediately that I was given four James Knox Polk dollar coins.  Turns out that the US Mint is determined to push some sort of dollar coin onto Americans. 

I was pumped Polk got his own coin — afterall, he is one of my top five favorite US presidents (what, no one else keeps a running list like that?) — unfortunately the US Mint turned him into creepy egg-face Vader at the end of Jedi. 


And if that wasn’t insult enough, the other presidents in the series are some of the worst Presidents to ever get their pimp on in the Oval Office. 

First, it makes no sense to honor Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, or Monroe with a dollar coin since they’ve already been mintified in some capacity.  Secondly, it makes no sense to honor Martin Van Buren (well he did help build the trans-continental railroad), John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, or William Henry Harrison because the general public have no idea who they are or what they accomplished.  Because they were horrible presidents. 

But James K. Polk?  I can get down with him.

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