Kasparov to face off against Karpov in Valencia

chess_1486169cTired of the unwinnable situation of Russian politics, arguable the world’s greatest chess player (at one time), Gary Kasparov has set his sites on a familiar opponent more beatable that Vladimir Putin: “Chess experts say that Mr. [Anatoly] Karpov will be the underdog in tomorrow’s contest, due to a spate of recent poor form. But Mr Kasparov, who retired from professional chess in 2005, admits his lack of practice could hinder him. “I have not played a serious game for five years, which makes me doubt that I will be capable of recapturing my instinct,” he told El Pais.” 

The two Russian grandmasters will play 12 rapid and semi-rapid games over four days in Valencia beginning tomorrow.  The matches will air online.

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