Life-sized Gundam robot completed


To help promote the 30th anniversary of Gundam, a 1:1 replica of an original Gundam robot is being built in Japan.

Word is that the robot will be officially open to the public in July, but from the pictures over at Dannychoo (which you should definitely check out), it looks just about complete.

“If you go ahead to the area where the robot is being built, you’ll come face to face with a complete life-sized Gundam,” claims Herman over at Dooby Brain.

UPDATE: One of the things missing from many of these photos was a sense of geography.  You couldn’t really tell anything about the statue since many of the photos were so tight and just made the 59-ft. statue look like a measly action figure.

Well, all of that has changed thanks in no small part to Koji Sasahara of the Associated Press (via Photo Journal).
Sasahara really captures the statue in it’s glory, protecting Tokyo from any mecha harm.  This is the photo of the statue I’ve been hoping to see.


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