Man Conquers World of Warcraft

gam_wowachievements_580They said it couldn’t be done, but then again, they’ve never met the Taiwanese WofW player named “Little Gray” who seems to have beaten the MMORPG.  There isn’t really a game to beat, obviously, but by the number of achievements a player has unlocked, Little Gray has effectively conquored all by completing all 986 of the game’s ‘cheevos, killing 390,895 creatures and finishing 5,906 quests along the way.

Seriously, dude has earned his Scout’s Badge on this one.

I’d argue that he’s earned some time away from the keyboard, to go outside and all that.  But if you’ve logged this much time and effort into WofW, he’d probably just as likely continue to sit in front of the computer and keep playing. [via]

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