New Kindle only slightly less of an eyesore

amazon_kindle_2_leakAmazon is purportedly unveiling the Kindle 2.0 today, but early leaked photos of the digital book reader, leave us feeling unenthused. 

Yes, it’s still the future for high school and college students – the potential to replace five or six text books with a slim reading device is unparalleled. 

I just don’t imagine the average tech consumer buying one of these. It’s not sexy enough. It’s not Apple enough.  Or book sluts, either.  This definitely won’t look good on a shelf. 

Kindle 2.0 will apparently come preloaded with a new work by Stephen King that somehow integrates a “Kindle-like device” in the story.  So it has that going for it.  Expect this to hit store shelves on February 24 with a retail price of $359.   [Gizmodo, WSJ]

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