Now that’s how you Carve a Pumpkin


Oh, hello.  I didn’t see you standing there.  Are you having a good morning?  If you begin to wonder where I am all day, just know that I’m cruising through Extreme Pumpkin and getting baffled/amazed by the creativity people show when carving Halloween pumpkins.  These aren’t your standard jack-o-lanterns, no siree.  Which is to say that the name of the site is apropos to the pictures they post.  A few of my favorites to get you started: there’s the radioactive pumpkin, the strapped to a board pumpkin, the p-section pumpkin seen above (personal fave), the baby eating pumpkin and last but certainly not least, the pumpkin monster burning a city down.  So look, we know you’re going to dress up as the slutty (fill in the blank) this year (guys that applies to you too), but do us a favor and spend some quality time on your pumpkin.

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