San Fran’s Lombard St. turned into Candy Land

SFist has been posting photos of Lombard Street being converted into Candyland.  Children from UC San Francisco Children’s Hospital and the nonprofit Friends of the Children are playing right now as I write this in honor of Candyland’s 60th Anniversary. 


This is probably the coolest thing you could do for little kids.  And it’s a good thing adults aren’t allowed to play, lest their competitive juices start flowing.  When I volunteered at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, I was mentoring Emma, a five-year-old with Cystic Fibrosis.  She loved playing Candy Land, but loved to cheat and win at it more.  It made me mad and determined to win and break her spirit.  Unfortunately, I never did.  I didn’t have the evil-heart to mend her cheating ways. 

More coverage here. [via]

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