Taco Bell dog dies

dog_widecHuh.  I honestly figured the little chihuahua died every coupla years and they just kept on replacing it. 

 So much for that

Gidget, the Chihuahua best known for her Taco Bell ad campaign (and her famous overdubbed tagline, “Yo quiero Taco Bell”), died from a stroke on Tuesday night at age 15.”She made so many people happy,” says Gidget’s trainer, Sue Chipperton. PEOPLE met both Gidget and Sue at a Hollywood animals photo shoot in February, where the pup was a consummate pro and delighted the crew with her playful nature.

“When she’s on a set, she comes alive,” Chipperton said at the time. But when the mostly retired canine actor wasn’t joining her trainer on shoots, the 15-year-old was happy to just kick back. “She goes on hikes with me and she loves the sun,” said Chipperton, who added that Gidget was happy to sleep “for 23 hours and 45 minutes a day. She’ll lay outside when it’s 105 degrees! I like to joke that it’s like looking after a plant.”

But, if we’re talking about the pantheon for corporate animal endorsements then the little guy is at least in the conversation with the Budweiser clydesdales, Spud MacKenzie, the Geico Gecko and maybe the Afflack duck. 

Gidget ain’t no Spud, but she was all right in my book.

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