The Case Against the “People of Wal-Mart”

I held off on writing about the new site: People of Wal-Mart (which seems to be down, either from the heavy traffic it’s no doubt getting or from Wal-Mart’s lawyers), which in a sense is another one of those user-submitted photography sites to make fun of an inherently funny social caste. 

But I refrained because it didn’t sit right with me.  It seemed a bit cruel, after-all, the site is clearly cherry picking the worst of the worst Wal-Mart shoppers to feed into the stereotype of what afluent, coastal elites think of a typical shopper. 

But the truth is, plenty of people shop at Wal-Mart, often times against their moral compass because they are broke and Wal-Mart is cheap.  Including myself and many others I know.  It’s like having sex with the devil or something.

Choire, over at The Awl, makes the case on the conflicting nature of the site and why something is a bit askew with it better than I ever could.  Or rather, have the time to make.

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