The Hunger

This post could just as appropriately have been titled, “The Greatest Thing on the Internet Right Now.”  Yes, it’s hilariously bad but manages to circle back around again into the awesome category.

And rather than rag on the video or those that created, I’ll just leave you with their description of it:

A lost love affair, ancient Egypt, pyramids and skies on fire, a young queen, magic, the afterlife, Anubis, the Underworld, Vampires… Music Video fantasy with a story. Lots of CG special effects. Take note, the costumes are deliberate. The muse wears a bit of ancient Egypt in the present… and the Egyptian queen wears something from the future. A clash of worlds and icons. The lead singer is forced to face his inner demons (a parody of vampire symbols). His hair is purposely messed up, his character in chaos. Produced & Directed by James Prince for Astaria Films.

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