The Needle That Sings Her Heart


So there was this play at Lexington High School in Massachusetts over the weekend and the explanation goes something like this: Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls starred in a production using songs from Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, all based on the story of Anne Frank and the Holocaust.

Now if none of that means anything to you, it won’t be held against you, but I imagine for some people, right now you are having a hyperventilating “holyshittheymadeaplaybasedon In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” moment right now.  It’s understandable.


The show was well received by Dave of Hidden Track, who was “glad to report that this production exceeded all my expectations.”

And the technical production – close to flawless – was especially impressive on the opening night of a high school play. They had pre-recorded sound effects, musical interludes, multiple levels of well crafted scenery, a gigantic bathtub as well as the gate to the concentration camps descending from the ceiling multiple times.

While they took some liberty with the album order, the finale was still the track that closes the disc (Two Headed Boy Part II) and it featured this ridiculous scene with the entire ensemble exuberantly dancing and using musical instruments as props.

Get this… the scenes and music segued in and out of each other so seamlessly that the crowd didn’t erupt into applause until the conclusion of the production – I couldn’t believe it.

Unfortunately, the show has already ended it’s run. If you were lucky enough to catch the live webstream of Saturday’s performance or even went to one of the show’s I’d love to hear how it was. Skip ahead to about 45 minute mark to check out some of the performance.  Here’s to hoping they make a DVD or something.

Photos are courtesy of Amanda Palmer’s Flickr Account.

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