The World’s most influential person is?

Moot from 4Chan.  This is probably only funny if you understand what 4Chan is exactly.  Otherwise, the notion of a 21-year-old known as Moot (real name Christopher Poole) being crowned the world’s most influential person could be puzzling.  In his defense, however, he did start the world’s greatest image board, responsible for many of the internet memes we laugh at today.

Also?  It was an internet vote, and many of the /b/tards helped push him over the top.  PC Magazine has more.

How’s this for anagramal conspiracy–the first letter of the first 21 names on the list spell out the phrase “marblecake also the game.” Music Machinery claims to have the details on the hack, which, like all great things in this world, was supposedly launched on 4chan’s /b/ board.

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