“There’s an app for that” app


One of the long running jokes amongst my friends and I are coming up with stupid one-liners and ending with “there’s an app for that.” 

Right?  I mean, it’s probably one of the best killing time in a bar when there’s nothing to talk about games going. 

It can really be applied to any scenario eitherAhem, (creating my best iPhone narrator voice): Say you want to kill a hooker, steal her money and cover up her dead body and then frame your best friend.  Well.  There’s an app for that.  

And now, there’s an app for that.  The game I mean, not killing hookers. 

Appft.com is a good-natured jab at the iPhone commercials that stress that “there’s an app for that” for just about anything you want to do. [via Dooby Brain]

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