I just added this extension to Firefox and though I’m still testing it out and it’s only in Beta, I’m digging it immensley.  If you think about the web browser, it hasn’t really changed much in the 15 or so years of its existence.  It’s functionality hasn’t evolved.  And that’s a bad thing.

How excited did you get from Firefox’s tabbed browsing or Chrome’s different start page?  Ubiquity has the opportunity to blow the browser into it’s next stage of evolution. It could be transformative.

I really want to create commands for movie show times and recipes.  So you could punch up Recipe: (what you’re looking for) and then it would search Epicurious or Food Network and boom you’ve got a bevy of recipes reading to copy and put in a word doc.

But the writing of a new command seems beyond my capabilities.  Still, the evolutionary potential of this seems endless.

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  • jamesfurbush February 9, 2009, 4:54 am

    So ever since the site screwed up a week or so ago, old comments have just been popping up on random posts. Ubiquity hasn't been crashing and it's amazing…