WTF? Rubber Ducky 2.0 makes my soul cry

I’m not even sure how to explain this.  I’m not even sure I understand it myself, not having had a cup of coffee yet.  I’m not sure this is safe for work, or safe for any occasion.  But this just about sums up everything that is wrong (and oddly funny) with life.


The most disturbing thing about this rubber ducky is that they made the decision to attach genitalia to a bath toy (not the best late night drunk idea) and didn’t bother research duck genitalia.  They just slapped on some human balls and called it a day.  Okay, actually, the most disturbing thing about this, besides it existing, is that it’s sold out.

Also?  The product description: “This lovely duck floats in the bath and looks great…but what lurks under the water..its secret weapon to make you smile.” Just. . . ew. [via]

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