A Six-Blade Razor

Not from the Onion:

It has come to our attention that ShaveMate, in its efforts to break into a stubble market dominated by Schick and Gillette, has recently introduced the ShaveMate Titan 6, which has six blades. Six.

We set out to find out why.

“It’s not just the blades,” says Lou Tomassetti who, along with his brother Peter, invented the Titan. “It’s really everything you need in one.” The Titan, he explains, also comes with shaving cream in the handle and a moisture strip.

“If you go out and try to buy equipment for shaving today,” Lou continues, “it’s very complicated.”

“You might have to buy batteries,” Peter adds.

“ShaveMate is really a lifestyle change” from all that, Lou says. “It’s a shaving revolution.”

Reminds me of that Will Ferrell skit from SNL a few years back.  Anyways, it’s all fairly ridiculous.  I got up to five blades, but the replacement cartridges are so expensive, I’ve since dropped down to disposable two-blade razors for shaving.  Then again, I don’t have much facial hair to shave (save my sweet, sweet pedo-stache), so two-blades work just fine.

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  • Ken July 24, 2010, 5:46 pm

    You have a baby face….or a questionable mustache. I switched a while back, but once I changed back to the mach 3 it's much better. The blades are pricey, but if you clean your razor in freezing cold water after you shave each time, it will last for months.