Anti-Distraction Software

The one piece of anti-distraction software I use is CreaWriter and I love it.  It’s extremely difficult to not become distracted on a computer.  There’s Twitter, Facebook, mindless web browsing, music, YouTube, etc.  It’s impossible, unless you have super-villainous concentration powers.  Which I don’t.  My attention span is the equivalent of a mosquito.

The Economist takes a peak at some of the latest anti-distraction software, like CreaWriter, which aims to block all distractions as you narrow your field of  attention and focus on one task.

“Keeping such diversions at bay involves some technological jiu-jitsu, using the power of one piece of software as a defence against distraction from others. Some programs fill the whole screen to keep disturbing alerts hidden; others disable specific websites, such as Facebook, or even cut off internet access altogether,” writes The Economist. “The idea is similar to parental-control programs that prevent children from accessing inappropriate content: but these are controls that grown-up users deliberately impose upon themselves.”

My only caveat is that the article doesn’t really examine any of the software, which would have been nice.

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