Apple’s iPad

It’s pretty much all anyone talked about today, and for good reason.  There’s plenty else to read about the tablet, but I will put out a few things about the iPad — here are the tech specs, a little video on it and these thoughts from John Gruber:

But: everyone I spoke to in the press room was raving first and foremost about the speed. None of us could shut up about it. It feels impossibly fast. (And our next thought: What happens if Apple has figured out a way to make a CPU like A4 that fits in an iPhone? If they pull that off for this year’s new iPhone, look out.)

Apple doesn’t talk much about the technical details of the iPhone. They never talk about CPU speed or the name of the chip being used. They don’t tell you how much RAM is in there. Part of their vision for moving computers from technical culture to popular culture is about getting away from defining these things by their technical specs. So the prominent talk about A4 is telling. This is something they want us to notice.

Basically, the thing is fast, really really really fast.  The story today may be the unveiling of Apple’s iPad, but if I’m being honest, I’m more interested in their new CPU chip, the A4.

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