Are You Raising a Douchebag?

It’s a difficult, but serious issue and this Details Magazine piece seems completely tongue-in-cheek and unwilling to actually address this phenomenon.  Considering, one, we live in the age of the geek, right now, and two, douchebags tend to run the show right up until college graduation shouldn’t this problem be tackled with aplomb?  Instead of merely being a rant against various parental issues that never changes regardless of generation.

In 1999, Katie Allison Granju wrote a book, Attachment Parenting, about the virtues of catering to the needs and emotions of the very young, from breast-feeding-on-demand to co-sleeping. While she still advocates that approach, she also believes that society tries to turn babies into children too fast and then treats older kids much like babies. Her forthcoming book is titled Let Them Run With Scissors: How Over-Parenting Hurts Children, Parents and Society. “We no longer allow children to have personal autonomy, to experience hard knocks, or to take real risks,” she says. “The result is a nation of overweight, overindulged, overly neurotic kids who whine and moan and often can’t function on their own.”

It certainly doesn’t help that we 21st- century thirty- and fortysomething parents expect our children to dress, speak, and appreciate Roxy Music just like us. “The Mini-Me phenomenon of kids wearing Sex Pistols T-shirts and sending back foie gras is cute but also gross and dangerous,” says Ada Calhoun, the editor-in-chief of Babble, an online bible for hipster parents. “If you’ve turned your kid into a carbon copy of yourself, that kid loses his voice. He’s only trying to please the grown-up, who only wants to live vicariously through the kid.”

I suppose this all depends on your definition of douchebag, which in the Details piece means spoiled hipster brats — those people who are somehow rich but you always wonder what they do for work and it vaguely has something to do with the web or freelancing.  But they’re fabulous and go to brunch and wear huge sunglasses all the time.  It’s not exactly my definition of douchebag. [via here/here]

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