Be Gone Technical Troubles…We’re Back!

Well that was hairy this weekend.  Sorry for all the problems with our site being suspended.  Sadly, it wasn’t anything scandalous like a DMCA take-down notice, or something cool.  Nope.

We had a total server meltdown due to a faulty plugin, coding horror stories, etc.  But with some database management and a new theme, hopefully things will be back to normal for the foreseeable future.  Of course, it’s going to take us a week or something to redo the CSS/design on the new theme, but it could be worse.  We could be  a fish in along the Gulf Coast right about now.

To celebrate here’s a video of some guy in a business suit chopping up things with a William Wallace-style broadsword.

Or, as Scotty D. said when he sent me the link, “POST THIS SHIT! GREAT SWORD! Some dude in business attire wielding a sword for nine mins and cutting things you would have no need to slice unless you get attacked by a trash can. Its classic!”  Indeed it is.

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