Better Fitting Condoms

There is a certain joke amongst teenage boys that never fails to deliver a hearty guffaw.  Picture this: two 15-year-olds are walking through the florescent lighted aisles of a pharmacy.

Mostly it’s just to buy Gatorade or candy, peruse through heavy metal magazines, etc.  Inevitably, they will pass through the prophylactic section of the store and one of the boys, the funny one, will pick up a box of XXL Magnum condoms and make the cocked eyebrow gesture that those are the only condoms big enough for his manhood.  It is funny because he hasn’t had sex yet and because all parties involved know how ridiculous the suggestion of XXL condoms are.

And yet, if I were a betting man, I’d say this happens at least once or twice per day in every city in America.  Little boys equating the size of their condom with their level of manhood and never being none the wiser.

Except that, according to a new study by the University of Kentucky, ill-fitted condoms during sex often lead to less pleasure between both partners, but also leads to a higher percentage of men removing the condom during sex, which in turn leads to a much higher risk of pregnancy or contracting an STI.

“Men come in all shapes and sizes and so do condoms,” Natika Halil, of the sexual health charity FPA, told the Guardian. “When we talk with men on the FPA helpline about condoms tearing, slipping off or being a nuisance to use, one of the main culprits is often something as simple as not using the right size.”

So remember: it starts with infantile jokes about over-sized condoms in a pharmacy, continues through poor sex education and eventually leads to unplanned pregnancy or a sexual transmitted disease.

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