Captain Planet Solves the BP Issue

And if anybody watched Obama’s press conference, ahem address, from the oval office yesterday, and I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but Robert Reich is correct, when he wrote, “I’m a fan of Barack Obama. I campaigned for him and I believe in him. I think he has a first-class temperament. I have been deeply moved and startled by his ability to speak about the nation’s most intractable problems. But he failed tonight to rise to the occasion. Is it because he’s not getting good advice, or because he’s psychologically incapable of expressing the moral outrage the nation feels?” 

If you can’t get pissed and angry about the ecological damage caused by the oil rig collapse, than what will you get angry about?

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  • Dollie J. Mallo June 17, 2010, 11:58 pm

    Well, as I see it, JC, the conference was a big waste of my time. But I did like watching O's hand movements. His hands said more than his mouth. For some reason no one wants to get in there and stop the leak. No one wants to be responsible for cleaning up the mess. Sorry for the people whose lives it has damaged. Dig a big moat around the continent, let the oil slip into the moat. BP sucks but we don't want them to go bankrupt. It's becoming laughable, just like the Katrina disaster. How come we can help other places with disasters and when it happens on our land the government just plays hand jive? Hello world this is a disaster and it gets worse everyday. Maybe we can have an earth quake, the earth will split open and the oil will go in. Didn't anybody think this disaster could happen? Don't pipelines ever get holes in them? Shouldn't there be a turn off valve somewhere?? Anybody out there have any answers???