Charlie Brown Graffiti

Love this!  Charlie Brown’s iconic shirt design was spotted in Ottawa.  His catchphrase has also been altered just a little bit.

And courtesy of Neatorama’s comments, there are two more interesting pieces of information about this site.  The first is from Nick:

I actually live about 3 blocks away from this place. It’s on Cambridge and Gladstone, just before Little Italy.

The story behind it was that it was a pawn shop which closed in like 2000, was a crack den for awhile, and is now empty. It’s supposed to be knocked down in the next two months, sadly.

More info:

And the second one comes from Allison:

Sadly this graffiti has already been painted over (with bright yellow, obviously).

There’s a great blog post about the house by the same guy interviewed in the Sun article here:

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