Civil War Photos on Flickr

Matthew Brady’s 6,000+ Civil War photos from the National Archives are in the process of being organized and uploaded to Flickr.  But perhaps the coolest feature is most of them have been geotagged!

Thanks to your suggestions, we have created over 40 topical sets for these images, including Civil War Entrenchments and Defenses, Lincoln’s Cabinet, and Union and Confederate Generals.  Most major battles are represented in the sets, as well as Women of the Civil War.  Additionally, we have gone through and geotagged most of the images as accurately as we could.  The possibilities for using these sets for research, education, and just plain perusal are endless!

If you don’t hear from me for the rest of the day, now you’ll know why.  Places like Fort Sumter, Appomattox, Bull Run, Gettysburg, Petersburg, Belle Plain, Fredricksburg, Harpers Ferry all come to life in these stunning pictures.  The photo seen here is General Grant at Cold Harbor.

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