Crying Jesus Girl at Graduation

First watch this, which is apparently a girl losing it during the graduation commencement prayer.

According to Reddit:

Last May at Midwestern State University, an evangelical Christian student named Mary King made a very strong case against graduation prayer. She did so not by argument, but by frothing at the mouth. During her spring commencement benediction, she asked God to forgive her fellow students for their sins. In particular she begged forgiveness for the sin of using their time to get a university education instead of devoting their lives to prayer. After demanding that her audience repent for their caps and gowns, King collapsed, crying and gasping for air. University President Louis Rodriguez, not recognizing these symptoms of Holy Spirit infestation, called an ambulance. As a result of the incident, the MSU Faculty Senate voted 8-7 to remove prayer from future commencements. But President Rodriguez vetoed the decision. At winter commencement, student government President Gant Grimes delivered a much less sectarian prayer, which according to the Wichita Falls Times Record News began, “Lord, we come to you at this special time in our lives to offer our thanks . . .” and ended, “God bless you all and peace be with you. Amen.”

So there’s that.  But you have to know the context to appreciate this mash up video of the religious crying girl, (that not only orgasms during the commencement speech, but also has  a brief and wicked air guitar solo [around 1:57, btw]) and Police Academy.

I wish Jesus didn’t smite her.  She was giving good speech.

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