David at the Dentist Update

The second-most watched YouTube clip of 2009, David at the Dentist (54 million views and counting), has turned a two-minute video clip into a six-figure yearly income and mini-empire for David’s family.

What at first began as a hypothetical “let’s make some money” has turned into a full-time job for David’s parents and potentially lucrative enough to pay for David’s college tuition. 

Oh, and it’s helped David become a playah.  What’s that?  Oh no one uses that term any more? 

“It’s helped me to go to a lot of places that I would have never gotten to go to before,” the boy told CNN. “When my video first got really popular, everybody [in school] started to know it, but then nobody was talking about it. I got some girls to like me now. I’m just a kid. It’s not really often that kids get famous.”

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