Donkey Kong Shelving Unit

When it comes to shelving units your options are scant, especially if you want something with a bit of pizazz and maybe a little bit of nerdness to it.  You can attempt to build something on your own, or you can brave the swath of Swedish zombies at IKEA.

Or, you could check out Igor Chak’s adjustable Donkey Kong-inspired shelving unit.  According to Waylou the pieces are detachable and “made up of durable and lightweight carbon fiber, anodized aluminum pixels, stainless steel rods and strong glass tops.”  They can support up to 60 lbs.

“So one day I was walking around the outskirts of the vintage digital game world “which I sometimes do, please don’t look at me weird”, I came across an old scenario that has been embedded in my childhood memory,” Chak says, of his inspiration for the project.  “The colorful steel beams of Donkey Kong and I started to wonder, what happens to all those video game props when games become old….do they get stored away in a digital world or do they fade away with time?  The famous steel beams from Donkey Kong have served their time but I could not pass by such an ingenious design.”

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