Ergonomic Crosswalk

From DesignBoom, and Korean designer Jae Min Lim, comes this great urban idea, which combines safety, regulations, psychology and law: “when people cross roads, they tend to take the fastest shortcut. They sometimes do it intentionally, but mostly it is an unconscious act. this kind of action violates the traffic regulations and sometimes threatens the safety of the pedestrians. The ‘ergo crosswalk’ is a design that makes people follow the law, as well as consider their habits or unconscious actions. It will encourage pedestrians to follow the lines of the cross walk and protect them  from any potential danger. If regulations cannot force people to follow the law, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to change the law and fulfill the main purpose of keeping the safety and convenience of the pedestrian?”

Efficiency tends to win out in the end, whether it’s in crossing the street or creating new paths where ones already exist.  So why not construct crosswalks to reflect the ways hurried people in large urban areas cross the street.  Brilliant.

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