Facebook’s Lousy Month

It’s been a horrifying month for Facebook, which you be sure the PR team is thankful that this isn’t medieval times anymore because Mark Zuckerberg is surely planning on having some poor sap killed, and it seems to just keep getting worse? 

How much worse?  Let’s count the ways, shall we?

1) There is now a 12,000 members-strong group known as “Quit Facebook,” who are planning on doing just that come Memorial Day.  [via]

2) Diaspora, which promises to be an open (code-source wise, natch) and privacy-focused social network has gotten a ton of buzz this month and they don’t even really exist yet.  Well, they exist, you just can’t really sign up or doing anything with it.  But yes!  A Facebook alternative!

3) The privacy concerns are larger than anyone suspected, with Facebook being accused of sending private data to advertising companies by leaking usernames, ids and personal data

4) The company still hasn’t done anything about it, because, ahem, they’re huge and maybe they don’t care and maybe they won’t have to do anything about these concerns until their userbase drops drastically.

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