Fiverr: What Would You Do for $5?

It’s probably the mosts fun game you could play, the one where you ask your friends how much it would cost to get them to do something stupid, like kill a hobo, and then up the ante by actually putting some cold hard cash on the table (of course it’s not so funny when they actually kill a hobo, Patrick Bateman-style, but that’s a story for another day).

Taking that principle, Fiverr, is a new (is it? To me, at least) site that allows people to offer their services in exchange for $5.

Some examples from the site include:

  • I will translate English text into Ancient Written Chinese (Literary Chinese) for $5
  • I will make you a personal flash calendar for $5
  • I will answer your Canadian Immigration questions for 20 min… 20+ years working in Canadian Immigation for $5
  • I will write a song dedicated to you for $5
  • I will write a 300-400 word article that you will actually want to read for $5
  • I will send out Ad to my 13,000+ Followers about Your Business for $5
  • I will convert your baby into animal costume for $5

And so on.  Some of these are pretty intriguing, enough to make me think I should spend my beer money this week on getting strangers to do random things (like six random things) and then report back on their progress.  The difficult thing would be to find a good mix of mundane and strange offers that would be worth writing about.

So, for $5 does anyone want to help me sift through the site and find a dozen or so potential offers to write about?  (See what I just did there?)  The flip side to this essay would be to also post something ridiculous (like killing a hobo) and see how many offers I would get to have this done.

If you don’t hear back from me today, it’s because I BASE jumped into the canyon that is this website.  [via]

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