Fox and Friends Finally Declare a Winner in the Holocaust Competition

And I was just thinking to myself it’s about dang time, because I couldn’t sleep at night not knowing who won the Holocaust.  To be sure, Elie Wiesel was an unlikely choice to win the Holocaust.

He was definitely a dark horse selection, but Fox and Friends (seems they’ve pulled the video), in their reasoning to give Wiesel the award, said he brought a certain gravitas and empathy to his role as Holocaust Survivor.  During his acceptance speech, Wiesel, visibly choked up, thanked Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebels and Dr. Josef Mengele, without whom, this award would never have been possible.

It’s rumored that Wiesel won a trip to Disneyland, a year’s supply of soap, and a pastrami sandwich from The Carnegie Deli.

Other winners of the night included Crispus Attucks in the Best Massacre category, Frederick Douglass for his role in Slavery and Gloria Steinem for Housewife of the Year.  [via wonkette]

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