Giant Robot Project

Is anyone else following Jaimie Mantzel’s Giant Robot Project on YouTube?  He’s been tracking his progress through a series of videos (64 to date) in his attempt to build a working giant robot.  To make it more interesting, the giant robot looks like a mechanical spider and in his more recent video, he accomplished his first test drive.

The whole thing feels like a bizarro version of LonelyGirl15, except this feels much more real (and probably is). In the sense that one can’t really distinguish if the videos are real or fabricated. They feel like both and neither at the same time. 

I’m still waiting for when the series takes a turn for the worst and the robot spider gains sentience and slaughters his maker.  Or when Jaimie’s reclusive nature causes him to turn into an evil villain and destroy a small town (by loading the spider with laser beams and rocket launchers).

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