Grandma’s Superhero Therapy

There’s nothing cynical or snarky I can say about this. This made my day.

A few years ago, French photographer Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika feeling lonely and depressed. To cheer her up, he suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs in unusual costumes, poses, and locations. Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn’t take the smile off her face.

Frederika was born in Budapest 20 years before World War II. During the war, at the peril of her own life, she courageously saved the lives of ten people. As a survivor of Nazism and Communism, she then immigrated away from Hungary to France, forced by the Communist regime to leave her homeland illegally or face death.

Aside from great strength, Frederika has an incredible sense of humor, one that defies time and misfortune. She is funny and cynical, always mocking people that she loves, including herself.

The series of photos are a bit absurd, but underlying all of them is a sense of pride, courage, and yes, hope.  It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing who you really are underneath.

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