Highest Paid Athletes

Ignoring the International List, which is filled with soccer players and Formula 1 drivers, the list of the 50 Highest Paid American Athletes, from Sports Illustrated, has several interesting things about it. 

For instance:

  • Tiger Woods’s income was down $9 million from the previous year; yet, he still finished $28,847,406 ahead of #2 Phil Mickelson. 
  • The top three spots are held by two golfers and a boxer ($60,000,000 for Floyd Mayweather).  That’s weird. 
  • The second highest paid QB is the Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford, who is a 2nd year QB.  (Peyton Manning is obvsiously number 1). 
  • There are two members of both the New York Yankees and Miami Heat in the top 10.
  • The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox both had four players make the list. 
  • Of the 15 football players on this list, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are nowhere to be found.  Figured Brady would be up there in salary and endorsements with Peyton Manning.
  • Albert Haynesworth, of the Washington Redskins, makes the list at #20, but he can’t pass a routine physical fitness test to actually, you know, play football. 
  • With the additions of Jermaine O’Neal and Shaquille O’Neal, the Boston Celtics lead teh way with four, FOUR!, players in the top 30.  And five of the top 40, with Ray Allen slotted in at #37. 
  • Maria Sharapova is the only woman on either list, #20 on the international list with around $19m
  • The NFL pays players hefty sums to players at the beginning of their careers (lots of first and second year players cracked the list) and the NBA hands out more awful contracts that any other league (only three NBA players on the list are worthy of their salaries. 
  • No NHL or MLS players made the cut, obviously. 

The list includes yearly salaries, endorsement deals, exhibition fees, etc.  There doesn’t seem to be any ryhme or reason to determing which players ended up on the American list and which players ended up on the International list.  For example, both Albert Pujols and David Ortiz were on the American list, even though they are not American, while Ichiro ended up on the International list.  Tim Duncan of the Virgin Islands made the American list, while Dirk Nowitzki made the International List.

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