Ink Dish Serves Up Artistic Dinnerware

Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at art as much as the next person, but I prefer it in the functional variety even more.  Art means more when it’s a sleekly designed chair, or an unexpected planter, or as a coffee mug

When an artist or designer takes an everyday item, something you would never consider or ponder or think about and turn that item into a thing of beauty, into something that makes you stop and appreciate it?  Well, that’s just about the greatest acheivement. 

Ink Dish is a company right in my wheel house.  They transpose designs by contemporary underground artists onto dinnerware.

“We’re hopefully changing people’s perception of what decoration can be and creating some pretty awesome modern functional art,” owner Carline P. tells Pop Candy.

To date, they only have  two collections: one fromHollywood tattoo artist Paul Timman; the other from Austin artist Alyson Fox.  Individual pieces run in the neighborhood of $12.50 – $25. 

Not inexpensive for one or two tasteful pieces to add to your dinnerware, but probably too spendy for an entire eight-person place settings (for example the Tug four-piece setting for one will set you back $72). 

Be that as it may, I wouldn’t mind receiving a set as a gift.  Absolutely beautiful, tasteful, and classy.

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