Let’s Go Have a Beer Doc

Goddamn did Wally Backman just give us more catchphrases in this deleted scene from his documentary, Playing for Peanuts, wherein our managerial hero guides the lineup for the South Georgia Peanuts, than any other movie from 2010?

This is just hilarious and awesome stuff.  Aside from the catchphrase “let’s go have a beer, Doc” and more f-bombs than you could drop on Dresden, he also gives us the bon mots “pick that shit up motherfuckers!” and “Take your report and shove it up your ass.” — which by the way I’m going to use at my job next time somebody looks at me funny.  I’m just gonna start flinging TPS reports all over the place and go all Wally Backman on them.

Still, I think this is the one that kills me every time: “Move Stevie to Second, Move Stevie to Short, Move Stevie to left.”  How many fucking Stevies play for the Peanuts?  Is Wally Backman so insane that he just calls everyone of his players Stevie?

And the clip is really just as good from a different angle.   But, on another note internet, how come if this took place in 2007, we’re just discovering it three years later?  This is amazing. [via]

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  • Steve June 26, 2010, 1:53 am

    Jimbo, that was awesome! I was just crying I was laughing so hard. Voges