Nomah Retires a Red Sox

It’s been an interesting decade to be a Sawx fan.  I still remember sitting in Fanuiel Hall back in 2004, the day my Dad called to lament and wonder how Theo Epstein could trade the greatest shortstop the team had ever had.  I don’t know, I probably said. Wondering, myself, if the organization knew how much of a betrayal it felt like.  Of course, a few months later neither of us cared as the Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918. 

Now, Nomah is coming home — signing a one-day contract to officially retire as a member of Red Sox Nation. 

“Everywhere I go I get so many [Red Sox fans] come to me and tell me ‘Thank you. We miss you. We still love you,'” Garciaparra told ESPN. “And it’s so genuine and the feeling is mutual. Hopefully from my actions throughout my career in that uniform and hopefully my actions today again tell them what it means to me.”

It feels right. 

It’s just too bad he wasn’t there during the best two months of being a player or fan the Red Sox organization will ever experience.

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