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Why it matters:

There’s more to say about why this was great—the fact that it pro­duced a wide net of con­tent, for instance, instead of a sin­gle video or a sin­gle live-stream. But you get the point. So I’ll leave you with one final rea­son to take this for­mat seriously:

It’s fun to do. It’s tons of fun. Any­body who’s writ­ten a blog, or got­ten deep into Twit­ter, or run a Kick­starter project, or pulled the strings on an ARG will tell you that there is a spe­cial joy to receiv­ing real-time feed­back on your work. There’s a spe­cial sat­is­fac­tion to see­ing its impact on the world immediately—and adjust­ing based on what you see. It’s alive, it’s elec­tric, it’s addic­tive. It’s con­nected and communal.

The live the­ater folks had this fig­ured out—their stages were just too small. Now we’ve got one that’s a lot big­ger, and more flex­i­ble, too. So the ques­tion becomes: what’s on the playbill?

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