OSG Destroyed the Internet

The Old Spice gang, led by the brilliant Isaiah Mustafa, basically reached the pinnacle of social media advertising this week when they cranked out 180 spots specifically aimed at a coterie of celebrities,bloggers, Reddit users, Facebook users, Youtube commenters, Twitterers, etc.

The way we are advertised to shows what corporations think of us, and most corporations clearly don’t think too much of their audience. I saw a billboard for Nesquik the other day that showed a bottle of the product and the line: “Stop and Drink the Nesquik.” It had to be pointed out to me that this was a play on the phrase “stop and smell the roses.”

But the Old Spice advertising blitz this week was impeccably orchestrated. It was the first wave of something we’ve never seen before. Since people are opting out of advertising on TV and the Internet and across the media spectrum, it was clear that something was going to have to give. Now, for better or for worse, something has.

Above is OSG’s sign-off to the internet.  Farewell, my hero, fare thee well.

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