People Are Awesome

This straight forward video of random people doing some amazing things (some real/some fake) is fairly inspirational.  You’ve got people hitting crazy basketball shots, flicking out candles with cards, doing some amazing stunts on skis, bikes, wheelchairs, etc.

People are amazing.  As hokey as that sounds, it always blows my mind to see regular people doing things at a high level.  We often become cynical fairly easily, but every now and again I’m reminded of just what it is that I love about people and being alive: pretty much everything in this video — many of which I’ve previously posted. We’re going to have to start a “people are awesome” tag or category going forward.

As an aside, the music really sells this for me.  It makes the entire compilation feel like a work training video or the moment you get suckered into embarking on a cultish retreat. [via devour]

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